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Jaldapara National Park

Welcome to GTI Travels; which stands as an embodiment of excellence in the realm of tour operators based in India. Our steady commitment to delivering seamless service has solidified our position as a leading player in the wildlife tourism industry. Jaldapara National Park is one of the most pleasant wildlife sanctuaries situated in the Indian state of West Bengal to be specific in the district Alipurduar District. The total area covered by this national park is approximately 216.51 square kilometers. The reason behind the popularity of this park is that it is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. Jaldapara National Park has something for every individual.

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Jaldapara Park History

Let's delve into the history of Jaldapara National Park, tracing its journey through time.Early in the 1800s, the area which is now the national park was known as “Totapara”, where the two tribes used to live Toto and Mech (Bodo) tribe. But later in the 19th century, the step was taken to protect the Bengal tigers and the area was declared a game reserve. So originally it was not actually a national park. Later in the year 1941, it was announced as a sanctuary and then in the year 2014, the area finally upgraded to a national park.

As mentioned above the national park has gone through many administrative changes but each of the changes played an important role in the history of its development and management. So whatever the national park is today is all because of the step taken by the administration earlier.

The establishment of Jaldapara National Park dates back to the colonial era in 1941 as a reserve forest. The agenda was to protect the declining population of the one-horned rhinoceros from hunting, poaching and habitat loss. Rolling back in time before the 1800s, Mech and Toto tribes were the original residents of Jaldapara. Therefore, the area was earlier named Totopara. Back then, the rhino community resided in the Indo- Gangetic plains, but eventually became homeless. Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary was nominated for the designation of a national park in May 2012. Over the years, the national park has undergone several changes within its boundaries, but the conservative measures and protection of the rich flora and fauna have remained unaltered.

Jaldapara National Park has gone through many administrative changes but each of the changes played an important role in the history of its development and management. So whatever the national park is today is all because of the step taken by the administration in the earlier days.

Tourist Attraction in Jaldapara

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1. This park is home to an endangered animal which is a one-horned rhino

As one-horned rhinos are endangered species and can only be seen in some national parks or wildlife sanctuaries, the presence of these is the reason behind the growing popularity of the national park. One of the main attractions of Jaldapara National Park is its population of Indian one-horned rhinoceroses. This park is not only home to one-horned rhinos but it is home to more than 200 endangered animals which makes it one of the best places globally to witness such beauty of the wild. Some of the most popularly witnessed animals by visitors are elephants, tigers, leopards, wild boars, and sambar deer.

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2. Another reason behind the popularity of the park is that it is a paradise for birdwatchers

There is a huge variety of birds in the park. The total numbers of bird species that have been recorded are over 240. Sighting such beauty with natural habitat is just magical and people often crave such mesmerizing beauty. You will be amazed to know that this park provides shelter to Bengal florican as well. Some of the most commonly sighted birds include the Bengal florican, crested eagle, pied hornbill, and red junglefowl.

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3. There are numerous activities that are offered by the park

Apart from wildlife viewing, Jaldapara National Park also offers a range of activities for visitors. One can go on elephant safaris, jeep safaris, or nature walks to explore the park and its surroundings. But the best activity that is preferred by the visitors is jeep safari because riding in the park and exploring the park at the same time is a whole damn new experience. There are also watchtowers located within the park, from where one can enjoy the magical view of the surrounding landscapes and wildlife. Every watchtower holds its own importance. So don’t forget to visit the watchtower and don’t lose the opportunity to have a view that soothes your eyes and soul.

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4. The park also provides several places to stay

The experience of staying within the park is a whole new and different experience and for someone who is deeply into nature it is a really precious opportunity. So if you are planning a visit to this national park you are lucky when it comes to the availability of accommodation options. There are accommodation options available such as Forest lodges, cottages and tents. These accommodations are operated by the officials of West Bengal Forest Development Corporation and they indeed offer a comfortable stay in nature.

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Geographical Details about Park

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    • 1. Total forest area – 216.51 square kilometer
    • 2. Altitude situated – 61 meter
    • 3. Type of forest - mainly savannah covered with tall elephant grasses.
    • 4. Rivers - Torsa, Malangi, Hollong, Chirakhawa, Kalijhora, Sissamara, Bhaluka and Buri Torsa
    • 5. Hills – Eastern Himalayan Hills
    • 6. Temperature – temperature varies from 12 degree to 27 degree Celsius
    • 7. Annual Rainfall - Average annual rainfall is 300 cm.

Road Distance from Jaldapara to following Cities

  • 1. Madarihat - 1.7 km
  • 2. Alipurduar - 49 km
  • 3. Coochbehar - 62 km
  • 4. Jalpaiguri - 78 km
  • 5. Siliguri - 123 km
  • 6. Kalimpong - 145 km
  • 7. Darjeeling - 164 km
  • 8. Uttar Dinajpur - 214 km
  • 9. Malda - 356 km
  • 10. Dakshin Dinajpur - 359 km
  • 11. Kolkata - 684 km
Tourists Activities Inside Jaldapara National Park:

Jaldapara National Park is situated in the heart of West Bengal, India and it is a wildlife enthusiast's paradise. This place is known to be an enthusiast’s paradise because of its breathtaking landscapes and the park is not only about these beautiful landscapes but it is also about a wide range of flora and fauna. This is the reason it offers a unique and mesmerizing experience to its visitors. And if you are someone who loves nature, this place is something that will keep you one step closer to nature. If you want to explore this beautiful place, you can take the help of safaris. There are basically two types of safari that are offered by this beautiful national park. So let us take you deep into this experience.

1. An Amazing Elephant Safari in Jaldapara National Park:

As you begin your safari experience, you will feel the growth in your excitement as you step onto the stable back of a huge elephant. The sensation becomes more thrilling with the elephant's rhythmic step and gentle swaying. A calmness overtakes you as you move further into the park's thick vegetation, removing you from the bustle of daily life. This is the reason that it is the best and most preferred activity by the visitors.

As you travel through the thick forests and grasslands of Jaldapara, the region's rich wildlife comes to life. The beautiful one-horned rhinoceros, the park's most popular animal, is unquestionably the safari's high point. And not just this safari covers all the other major safari points.

And when this huge creature moves slowly and smoothly in the dense grassland it all feels so magical. And the close-up looks of all the animals are like once in a lifetime experience. This is what makes elephant safari so special.

2. Experience the Amazing Jeep Safari in Jaldapara National Park:

Jeep safari is another activity offered by the park and which undoubtedly gives you an amazing experience. Imagine riding on a jeep along with the sight of beautiful landscapes and animals. You must be wondering why people would prefer this ride when you can just go for the best one. But every activity will give you a different experience and basically, there are two major reasons behind people choosing this ride.

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