This is a Registered Private Travel Agency (GTI Travels Pvt. Ltd.) which organizes Jaldapara Tour Packages & Jeep Safari Packages.

Jaldapara Safari Route & Safari Price

Madarihat NIC Car Safari For Jaldapara WT – Indian- Rs.4800 / Jeep | Foreigner- Rs.5500 / Jeep | For Titi-Totopara - Indian- Rs.4500 / Jeep | Foreigner- Rs.5500 / Jeep | Chilapata - INR 4700 / Jeep
Hollong Elephant Safari Indian- Rs.1500 / Seat | Foreigner- Rs.1500 / Seat | Safari Route : NEC Tower | Morning : 6.30 AM - 7.30 AM | 7.30 AM - 8.30 AM | 8.30 AM - 9.30 AM
Zones Madarihat Hollong Car Safari | Madarihat NIC (For Titi-Totopara) | Chilapata Car Safari
Timings Morning 6:00 AM - 7:30 AM or 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM | Evening 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM or 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM (Safari Timing Varies as Season Changes)
included Permission of Jaldapara , Jeep, Driver, Permit and Guide Fee & Taxes.
* Pick & drop is not included from hotels to safari point
* An additional & mandatory charge of 50 per person is applied for the tribal dance during the evening safari.
1: Elephant subject to availability on the day of booking. In case of unavailability of elephant rides, the payments are refunded to the respective accounts of the tourists.
2: In case your jeep safari is not booked due to reasons like technical error or non-availability of the seat, we will refund the whole amount in your given bank account. The same would be communicated accordingly.

Jeep / Elephant Safari Booking

Safari Remains closed on every Thursday.

Online Safari Booking in Jaldapara National Park

You are warmly welcomed to the online safari portal of Jaldapara National Park. Tourists can book online jeep safari or elephant safari for this park. All the measures of safari booking are purely managed by the officials of forest according to India’s forest department guidelines. A special note for the tourists before online booking: we cannot control the safari zone, driver or naturalist guide as it is not something we can manage because it is completely handled or decided by the officials of the forest. Though you are going to witness some great wildlife and natural habitat.

Benefits of Online Booking of Safari :

It is the perfect way to time and effort: The days are gone a long back when travellers had to visit travel agencies or make numerous phone calls to book a safari. With online safari booking, the entire process can be managed with just a few clicks and another good thing about online booking is that you can book them anytime and everywhere with the help of the internet. Travellers can access a wide range of safari options, including different destinations, accommodation types, and tour packages, all from the comfort of their homes. This convenience saves valuable time and effort, allowing tourists to plan their adventure at their own pace.

jaldapara safari bookings

Extensive Information and Reviews :

Online platforms dedicated to safari bookings provide extensive information about various safari options. These platforms typically offer detailed descriptions of national parks, wildlife reserves, and their unique attractions. Tourists can access information about the types of animals they are likely to encounter, the best time to visit, and the overall safari experience. Furthermore, travellers can benefit from reading reviews and ratings left by previous visitors, which help in making informed decisions and selecting the most suitable safari package.

Customization and Flexibility :

Online safari booking allows travellers to customize their itineraries according to their preferences and budgets. These platforms often offer flexible options, allowing tourists to choose the duration of their safari, accommodation type, transportation, and additional activities. This customization ensures that the safari experience aligns with individual interests and requirements. Moreover, online booking platforms often provide the option to modify or cancel reservations, giving tourists the flexibility to adapt their plans in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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Competitive Pricing and Deals :

Another significant benefit of online safari booking is the availability of competitive pricing and exclusive deals. Online platforms often collaborate with tour operators, lodges, and resorts, allowing them to offer discounted rates or special packages. Travellers can compare prices, explore different options, and find the best value for their money. Additionally, some online booking platforms offer loyalty programs or rewards, enabling tourists to accumulate points or discounts for future bookings, further enhancing the overall affordability of the safari experience.

Secure and Reliable Transactions :

The major concern that tourists talk about is security then you need to relax and sit back when it comes to online safari booking as the platforms prioritize the security and reliability of transactions. The reason behind the security in online safari booking is that they already employ advanced encryption technology t in order to secure users' personal and financial information. The payment travellers can make payments through so many methods such as credit cards, online wallets or bank transfers as well. Add to this, tourists are provided with customer support services in case the customers are facing any issues or doubts, the customer support service provider will help the customer to solve their concerns. This reliability and assurance give tourist’s peace of mind, knowing that their bookings are handled professionally and their payments are secure.

Things that You Should Keep in Mind Making a Safari Booking :

  • Cross-check all the information before proceeding with the online safari booking because in case you provide any incorrect information that may lead to problems such as your booking can be considered invalid, fraud, etc. So you need to be very careful while providing information during online booking.
  • If you are traveling from another country then the only valid ID proof to book your safari ticket is your passport, this is very important to carry your passport along if you are someone who is traveling from another country.
  • If you are going for online booking and traveling in a group then make sure that only 6 people at a time are permitted in a jeep safari. So, ensure that book the ticket for your group and have a permit for all at the time of entry. This is very important for the large group who are planning their trip to Jaldapara National Park.
  • Things that you need to keep in mind before going for online booking are that once online booking is done then you can’t expect cancelation, transfer, share or share because that cannot be done. The only way to do so is by taking official permission from the concerned forest department authority.
  • And also before going there, you should go research about the state and Jaldapara National Park as well. Because one should know the dos and don’ts of the park before actually visiting the particular place.
  • Since two types of safaris are offered by the park that means it is really important to mention the type of safari you want to book. And before doing so research about both and know which one will be better for you and can help you enhance your experience of exploring the national park.
jaldapar online booking

Types of Safari Available in Jaldapara National Park :

If you are getting options to explore the beauty of Jaldapara National Park. It is exciting, isn’t it? But choosing the best way for you to choose. So let me help you with this. Let’s go deep into this and know a little about both the safari: Elephant Safari and a Jeep Safari.

Advanced booking is necessary to enjoy the forest safari at Jaldapara National Park. Permits are to be issued by the forest department. Also, make a checklist to carry the necessary items during safari like sunglass, water, camera, sunscreen, etc. Abide by the safety measures and learn about the cancellation policies and refund policies before conducting the prior booking for the safari.

Elephant Safari:

Exploring the beauty of the exotic national park while sitting at the back of the giant elephant is so fascinating. Riding at the back of these huge beasts, embracing the early morning quietude of the forest is itself a wonderful journey. The sighting of one-horned rhinos, Indian bison, deer, birds, etc. from the top of an elephant's back is an unrivaled experience. And what can be more amazing than exploring nature and wildlife while taking this wonderful experience? Nothing right? Otherwise, it all depends on the choice or the kind of experience you are seeking for. The elephant safari is a great opportunity to behold for adventure-obsessed individuals.

Elephant safaris are conducted only during the morning hours. There are no slots for the safari in the evening. There are three slots for elephant safari done from 5:30 - 8:30 am in the summer and 6:30 - 9:30 am in the winter. The ride starts from Borodabari, Hollong Tourist Lodge and NEC Tower. Only four people are allowed on the back of the elephant including the mahout. Infants are not allowed for the elephant safari.

Jeep Safari Jaldapara :

Jeep safari is one of the most preferred activities among the tourists who visit the Jaldapara National Park. The reason behind this is the way it helps the visitors to explore the beauty and uniqueness of the park. The only advice for you is to hire a professional guide as they can help you in educating you about the facts and history of the park and will also help you enhance the experience of your park visit. The Jeep safari is a great opportunity for photographers to capture the wilderness and nature’s bounty through lenses.

Jeep Safaris are conducted both in the early morning slots and evening slots. They are available in 2 slots each in the morning and evening times. The safari timings vary in the summer and winter seasons. The starting points of the jeep safari are Madarihat Hollong Gate, Salkumar Gate, Chilapata Gate and NEC Complex. The routes of the jeep safari encompass pleasant views of sub-Himalayan semi-green woodlands, semi-deciduous woodlands, savannah-like grasslands, the Torsa River, the views of Bhutan Hills, gaurs, barking deer, hog deer, sambar, rhinos, crested serpent eagles, lone leopards, elephants, avifauna and so on.