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Elephant Safari Tips for Jaldapara National Park

Written by (DIVYA) 13/June/23 Before going further about the elephant safari and the things you are going to experience with this wonderful activity, we should know why are exactly elephants are only chosen for this activity among all the other animals. So the reason behind the elephant being chosen for this activity is that they are strong, big, and have the ability to think, are emotional in nature and also they are a social animal. Now that you know the reason why elephants are used for safaris. Let’s go deep into the experience you are going to receive through this activity.

This large beautiful creature helps us explore the national park as they have the ability to move smoothly even in the tall and dense grassland. The magical feeling of witnessing the rarest animals the closest is all possible because of the elephant safari. The elephant safari leaves you with uncountable beautiful memories, which you can keep for life all captured on camera.

elephant safari tips
tips for elephant safari

Imagine sighting langurs while they are performing acrobatic stunts as they swing from tree to tree and beautiful deer running or walking here and there, playful wild boars, and the pride of Indians that's tigers. You can even witness the beauty of this park which is colorful bird species, such as the brilliant Indian peafowl and the uncommon Bengal florican, which have the ability to give a thrilling feeling to bird enthusiasts. It is an amazing sighting, isn’t it? You can have the joy of many sights, sounds, and smells of wildlife during the elephant safari.

Another benefit of choosing this kind of safari is that elephants don’t really follow rules or tracks, so you will be able to experience the real sense of jungle, unlike jeep safari. Jeep safaris provide its own benefits but the joy of exploring the jungle in its purest form is possible during this safari ride only.

Tips for Elephant Safari:

1. Arrive Before Time: First and one of the most important tips for you is that be at the arrival point at least 1 hour early. As you have to go through some paperwork and some other processes, which can take time, it is better if you are early. Plus, you may not be allowed to enter the park if you are late because there is a specific time for the safari, so this is the first thing you should keep in mind so that you won’t suffer later

2. Never Step Out of the Elephant: It can be harmful to animals and to you as well if you step out. You will be told to step out and you will also get many chances to take photographs as well. So always listen to the professionals because it is always better to listen than regret.

3. Hire Professional Guide: It is always better to make your trip interesting and educational and you can do all this if you are with someone who has great knowledge about the place, animals, and surroundings. Guide has the ability to make your safari interesting as they know about the place and they are experienced, can even lead you to the points you are unaware about where you can get the sight of many rarest animals. As it is their job to educate you about the place in detail. Detailing and history make everything easy and interesting.

4. Must Carry a Bag: You must carry a bag in which you should carry a water bottle as it comes under necessity. Hydration is something which is really important. And in that bag also carry a reusable bag so that you can throw all the waste in that bag and throw that later. You can also keep all the other necessary things like if you are visiting the Jaldapara National Park in summer then you can keep sunscreen and a hat.

5. Well Prepare Yourself for All the Different Feelings during the Safari: It is important to know all the things that you are going to feel during the safari so that you won’t be afraid of it at that time. So be prepared for the swaying movements that you are going to feel at the time of the beginning of the safari. Be ready for the water breaks of elephants, it can be a little uncomfortable but you don’t have to worry because they are well-trained and won’t get you harmed. Always hold onto your seat as it can be safe for you.

The journey that is covered with the help of elephant safari will give you an experience of the beautiful and purest form of connection with nature and wildlife. It gives you an opportunity to re-connect yourself with nature and along with this you will have a great opportunity to experience the beauty of wildlife. You can understand the importance of the presence of these national parks in depth and in detail. You can experience memories that are unforgettable and it is highly advised to explore the national park with elephant safari as it will give you ones in a lifetime kind of experience.