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Safari Tips - Jaldapara National Park

Written by (DIVYA) 16/June/23 Jaldapara National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in India. So, this park is not just about the flora and fauna but also about the activities offered by the park. One of the most common and best activities is a Jeep safari.

Now you must be wondering what is so special about a Jeep safari, so imagine exploring the magical beauty of the purest form of nature and eye-catching animals along with a safari ride. It’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it? Closely looking at the beauty of Bengal tigers, they roam around in search of food along with a wide variety of birds. It is like a paradise for the people who love nature and wildlife. So let’s go deep into the detailing about the Jeep safari.

We will be covering the time slot of jeep safari, costing of the jeep safari and things that you need to keep in mind during the jeep safari.

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jeep tour in jaldapara

Points for Jeep Safari in Jaldapara

1. Pre-booking the tickets is always a good idea:The first thing that you need to keep in your mind is that you need to pre-book the tickets for the safari as you must be aware that there are a limited number of jeeps allowed to enter a specific period of time. So it is important that you don’t miss out and it is really frustrating to go on a spot and then you realize that there is no slot left for you.

And then you are left with nothing but regret. You can pre-book the slot Online Jeep Safari Booking and the best thing about online booking is that you can choose which time slot you want and book it from wherever you are within a few minutes. But if you are planning to book it offline and want a slot of your choice then you are mistaken because then you have to take what is left you must have heard the popular saying that “ beggars can be choosers”

2. You should be well-researched about the zones of the park: The second thing that you need to consider is that you must be aware of the zones in the park, as every zone offers a different experience. Plus there are different permits required for different zones, so you need to prepare for the permits in advance if you don’t want any hassle at the time of the safari. Knowing the zones is also necessary for enhancing the experience of the visitors, as a visitor you want to visit a place full of your interests.

3. You should be aware of the best time to visit the park:Additionally, you should also know the best time to visit the park as the park is not open throughout the year. And if it does not open throughout the year then what are the months that you should avoid planning trips to the park? And what is the best time to witness the beauty of the park and wildlife from the remaining months? These are the simple question that you should know the answers to before actually booking the tickets and planning the safari.

4. Know the weather: the weather plays an important role during safari rides. Imagine you are visiting the park during summer and the temperature is around 40 degrees Celsius, accordingly, you are going to decide on your necessity, right? You are going to need lots of water to avoid dehydration, you are going to need sunscreen to avoid sunburn, and you are going to need a hat but at the same time if you are visiting the park during winter you won’t be needing the same things. So this is the reason you need to keep updated on the weather of the place you are visiting.

5. Following the rules and regulations is a must during the safari: One of the most important things that you should never avoid following is the rules and regulations of the park. Following the rules and regulations is very important in order of the safety of the people and wildlife. And Plus if you won’t follow the rules then there will strict actions that will be taken against you. Some of the important rules are:

  • You are not allowed to latter inside the premises of the park, if you do so you will be charged with a fine or some punishment or both.
  • You are not allowed to make loud noises or play music as it may disturb the habitat of the park.
  • You are not allowed to get too close to any animal.
  • You are not allowed to feed any animal in any circumstances.
  • It is strictly prohibited to use any kind of fire stuff inside the park.

Also, it is advised to avoid wearing bright colors in the park as it might attract the animals. So you can instead wear dull and pale colors to avoid any kind of risk.