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FAQ- Jaldapara National Park

Q.1 What is the best time to visit Jaldapara National Park?

The Jaldapara National Park is open throughout for tourists, it just remains closed during monsoon season. So, every season excluding monsoon is the best time to visit this wonderful national park. So you can visit from October to April. But if you want to enjoy the weather and nature at its best then it is advised to visit from November to March.

Q.2 Which is the best safari zone in Jaldapara National Park?

There are no zones in Jaldapara, you can explore the whole park at one time. So you are going to get the opportunity to explore the whole park and because of this, you won’t be facing any dilemma of choosing one.

Q.3 Why is Jaldapara National Park famous?

Jaldapara National Park holds the highest number of Indian one-horned rhinos in India after Kaziranga National Park. So, there are many reasons behind the popularity of the national park but one of the biggest reason behind the popularity of the national park is that it holds the second highest population of Indian one-horned rhinos in India and people visiting this national park gets an opportunity to witness this (one-horned rhinos) here.

Q.4 What are the major attractions of Jaldapara National Park?

The Jaldapara National holds ancient history and traditions which makes this place unique and magical. This national park used to be known as “Totopara”. So this is the reason the major attraction of this national park is its ancient history, purest form of nature, and traditions. Also, many tourists visit the national park for the presence of Indian one-horned Rhinos. The other major attraction of the national park includes the tour to Gorumara National Park, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary and Chilapata Forest.

Q.5. Which birds are found in Jaldapara National Park?

The national park is just not about the presence of Indian one-horned Rhinos but this place is home to a huge range of species of birds. The total population of birds according to the data is over 240. But the most popular species that are most common and popular in Jaldapar National Park include the crested eagle, Pallas's fish eagle, shikra, Finn's weaver, jungle fowl, peafowl (peacock), partridge, and lesser pied hornbill.

Q.6. Which animals are found in Jaldapara National Park?

You must be aware of the most popular and wonderful animal and the permanent resident of this national park is the Indian one-horned rhino. But other than one-horned rhinos the park is home to many other animals that are known to be exclusive as well such as Bengal Tigers, sambar deer, barking deer, Indian foxes, hog deer, Indian bison, mongoose, leopards, etc.

Q.7. When should I plan my trip to Jaldapara National Park?

The Indian one-horned rhinos are said to be the most exclusive animals and are the major reason for the growth of tourism in Jaldapara National Park. So spotting this animal is not an easy task, this is the reason it is advised to plan your trip accordingly. But if you will plan your trip to Jaldapara National Park in the months of March to April, then you can increase your chances to spot one-horned rhinos. The reason behind the increased chances of spotting this popular animal is that during these months the temperature increases and because of the increase in temperature the animals come out of their hides out and look at the water sources. So the chances of spotting animals not only rhinos but others as well increases and you can spot them near rivers as they are the major water sources of these animals.

Q.8. How many days are enough to explore Jaldapara National Park?

If you want to explore this wonderful place without any rush then you should plan a trip of 3-5 days. If you will plan a trip of 3-5 days then you are going to have ample time to discover this purest form of nature and along with this, you can explore the surrounding areas that also come under the major attractions of the region. And if you will have a lot of time then you can get several opportunities of taking a safari which can increase the chances of you witnessing more number of the rarest animals which leads you to enhance your trip experience.

Q.9. How can I reach Jaldapara National Park?

Jaldapara National Park is such a wonderful place that it excites people so much that they often forget to pick the way of transportation to reach there. There are three ways to reach this epic national park. The three ways include by road, train, and by air. The nearest airport to Jaldapara National Park is Bagdogra Airport which is situated in Siliguri (at a distance of 145 Km). The nearest railway station is Madarihatwhich is situated at a distance of 7 Km from the park. People who love the journey way more than the destination then they should definitely choose the way to reach the park by road, and you can travel via your own vehicle or hire a cab from any other city in West Bengal.

Q.10. What is the time duration of the safari in Jaldapara National Park?

First of all, it is important for you to know that Jaldapara National Park offers two types of safaris to explore the wonderful habitat of Jaldapara National Park. the two types of safari include the elephant safari and jeep safari. The duration of both safari are different for the elephant safari the time duration of the safari in winter and summer both is 1 hour. You are going to get 1 hour to explore the whole Jaldapara National Park. The time duration for a Jeep safari is 1 hour 30 minutes. So if you are choosing the jeep safari to explore the park then you are going to get 1 hour 30 minutes to explore the whole park.